Baby Rhythms

clem-onojeghuo-122041.jpgMinimalist and Progressive.

After the brutal chaos of the first 6 weeks, finally your baby develops a rhythm to life. Some people deliberately work their baby into schedules, others just wait for the baby to establish their own. I don’t really believe that actively trying to establish a pattern (usually from a bloody celebrity mum’s book) helps. Or gets you your your baby into a healthy pattern earlier. It just seems to cause stress during the establishment.  But either way, a baby will get a daily pattern.

The thing to remember is, I have found, is that this pattern is somewhat fluid, but it’s definitely there and within an hour or so you can expect the same sleep and feed points every day. On numerous occasions my wife and I have been frustrated that our boy is half and hour, an hour, later to bed than the day or two before hand.  This frustration is a massive waste of stress and energy. Since we have mostly learned to deal with the fluidity things have gotten better.

The pattern is progressive.

Slowly, without you really noticing it, it’ll change on a weekly, then monthly basis. Currently, our boy, who previously went to sleep quite easily, now needs to be walked at 8pm to actually go down. It took us a few days to embrace it and to stop even trying the old story-cuddle-cot system.  It’s a shame, the walk is a lot harder to face at the end of a long days work, especially in the rain!  Looking on the bright side, I’m thinking this will be different (and hopefully indoor based) again in a couple of weeks!