Alternative gift ideas for the Dad-to-be

les-anderson-175603-e1500455486270.jpgEveryone else will buy them a baby grow, toy or book, and they’re great. But here are some dad-centric, left field is that may bring a laugh or at least a curious look out of him.



His kid will have a lot of things that go beep and flash. They all need batteries! Mostly AA or AAA and they need a little Phillips head screwdriver to put them in. Before the baby I only ever needed batteries for remotes, now I have so many of them I have a constant charger going.


infacolFor the baby. The best gift we got was an emergency kit from my sister of things that people don’t realise they may need. It saved me a trip to the 24hr Tesco more than once! It consisted of Infant Calpol and Infacol importantly, as well as Lanolin Cream and some less nice Mumthings, maternity pads and such.  I think there was also baby shampoo and baby bath.

Proper Coffee

coffee-cupSoon, drinking instant coffee will be as useful as putting an Elastoplast on a leg amputation.  Buy him beans, or ground and something to make it in! Aeropresses are an amazingly cheap way to make good home coffee.

A Box / Cup

21so2bjmkgelDad’s get kicked in the nuts more often than chance would suggest is reasonable. Babies kick and wriggle and so many of those flailing legs land uncomfortably.  Especially when changing the kid on the floor.

Graeco-Roman Wrestling lessons


Babies are strong mother-knackerers. Seriously! I can imagine that having some wrestling training would be really useful when trying to put a nappy on an 8-month-old who’s determined to roll off the changing station and hit the floor 4ft below.



Dad Bags

tinkywinkyChanging bags are a critical accessory for a baby.  I find it frustrating that it seems most changing bags are designed to look like handbags.  Hey! I look after my boy too and I don’t want to Tinky Winky around the place with a handbag.

And you can’t just use any old bag either, the changing bags have mats and loads of pockets that are just right for what you’re going to need.

That said there are well designed, gender neutral (some even masculine) bags out there for your shoulder.


Skip Hop

Skip Hop have a “for dads” section on their website, like we’re going to buy two bags! Anyway, some are cool.


Messenger style bag from Oyster is cool. I wish I’d got this one to be honest. But my wife wouldn’t like it.



This UPPAbaby bag looks ugly as hell to be honest. But it’s not a handbag and it looks pretty bulletproof. Pukeproof.