15541588_10153952743376104_8532058756388163169_nHow you doing? Welcome to Dad Like It Is. I’m Graeme, a Dad, early thirties. I had my own life once… Not worth talking about it now though.  I have a wife and a young baby boy.

So you’ve got a kid, kids? Maybe one on the way… crap, maybe two on the way! Truth is, there’s less stuff out there for you to read, sure you can read Mum blogs or great facts and studies from the NHS or NCT, but less is out there aimed at you on a personal level.

Being a Dad is totally different to being a Mum, your place is harder to work out for a start. Mum’s have biology clearly defining their role as primary carer – not that that is necessarily true any more – but a Dad is a bit more ambiguous and people just kinda assume we can get on with it. Make no fuss. Man up.


It’s tough. And if me saying it’s tough helps you think it’s okay that it’s tough then I have fulfilled my purpose.