Dad Bags

tinkywinkyChanging bags are a critical accessory for a baby.  I find it frustrating that it seems most changing bags are designed to look like handbags.  Hey! I look after my boy too and I don’t want to Tinky Winky around the place with a handbag.

And you can’t just use any old bag either, the changing bags have mats and loads of pockets that are just right for what you’re going to need.

That said there are well designed, gender neutral (some even masculine) bags out there for your shoulder.


Skip Hop

Skip Hop have a “for dads” section on their website, like we’re going to buy two bags! Anyway, some are cool.


Messenger style bag from Oyster is cool. I wish I’d got this one to be honest. But my wife wouldn’t like it.



This UPPAbaby bag looks ugly as hell to be honest. But it’s not a handbag and it looks pretty bulletproof. Pukeproof.


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